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Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Students: 11,400
Staff: 1,500

Contact for R&D Engagement:
Matthew Taylor

Research Strengths:
– Control and communication
– Robotics

Location: Cardiff School of Technologies, Llandaff Campus, Cardiff

Space Research Areas:
– Communication and control
– Solar cells
– Satellite communications

Point of Contact:
Dr Jasim Uddin


4 academic staff

Facilities & Equipment:
– Tuneable lasers
– Optical fibre sensors & characterisation system for fibres
– Fusion splicers
– PCB printer device – construction of micro-circuits from software
– Plans for development of the centre over the next 3 years include expansion of the lab capabilities and construction of a dedicated photonics sensing lab

Collaboration History:
The Centre is still in the process of being developed, so has not yet reached its engagement potential, but is keen to work widely with industry and academia once established. Staff within the centre have previously been involved in engagement with Airbus Endeavr and AVoptics, and on passive radar systems for marine applications research with the University of Bristol.

Summary of Unique Capabilities:
Current main capability is expertise – drawing on strengths in photonics, optical fibre sensing, multimedia communications, and RF microelectronics. Relevant areas of space research include CubeSats and folding antennae for use onboard satellites.

EUREKA Robotics Centre

The EUREKA Robotics Centre is one of the main research clusters within the School of Technologies. Research in EUREKA focuses on autonomous service and social robots. The group has access to around 50 different robots and industry-grade 3D printers for modification purposes and is involved in the design of remote-control systems and algorithms to combat latency control issues. EUREKA has not had previous involvement in space research but is well positioned for future research into service robots for space missions and planetary settlement.


Cybersecurity, Information Networks Centre

The Cybersecurity, Information Networks Centre (CINC) aims to find solutions for next generation information networks. Research areas include data capture, compression, processing, and transmission which is enabled through a multidisciplinary approach. The technologies developed here could be useful for image compression in long-distance (e.g. Mars to Earth) transmissions and cybersecurity advances will be necessary as satellite communications evolve.


EUREKA Robotics Centre
Collection of humanoid and assistive robots, EUREKA Robotics Centre, Llandaff Campus

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